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The UK veterinary profession has made great progress and achieved excellence in delivering a world class veterinary service of which we can all be genuinely proud.

However, the veterinary work place in general has changed little as it continues to cling on to unsustainable traditions, considering the veterinary working life as a 24/7 vocation rather than a modern Profession, for example. This is compounded by other factors like: constantly increasing demands for greater professional competencies; ever-rising client expectations; fear of complaints, disciplinary procedures and litigation; and the pressures of greater profit-making in a fast expanding corporate environment. As a result, the veterinary work place has become a place of anxiety, stress and poor reward, leading to high levels of mental health problems and suicides in our profession.

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The veterinary profession has been subject to a range of regulations in the recent decades in the formulation of which veterinary professionals had little or no effective influence. Many of such regulatory provisions, for example the Cascade system and the Practice Standards Scheme continued to remain controversial. Such regulations will need re-visiting to streamline them for a rational and meaningful delivery by the veterinary practitioners. More importantly, the profession needs a strong voice is dealing with any regulatory issues in the future.

Previously existing organisations in the profession have been inherently incapable of highlighting the issues faced by the majority of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses and failed to offer the support they needed as personnel and professionals, individually or collectively. No infrastructure whatsoever existed within the profession to support the allied staff working in the UK veterinary profession.

The BVU was therefore established with the exclusive objective of looking after the interests and welfare of veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, the allied staff working within the UK veterinary profession and to support veterinary students and veterinary nurse students in UK universities and other institutions.


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