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Who is the BVU in Unite for?

Whether you are a Veterinary Surgeon (employee, employer, student or retired), Veterinary Nurse or Veterinary Nurse Student, Animal Nursing Assistant, Receptionist, Practice Manager, Auxiliary or Support Staff, working in the veterinary profession, for Veterinary Practice, University, Government, Research or Industry, BVU in Unite is YOUR organisation.

Provide you with support and representation:

We will provide you with guidance, support and representation, to address any employment-related problems such as contracts, pay, working hours, annual or maternity leave, redundancy, work-related stress, illness and bullying. Unlike members of other non-union organisations with arbitration and mediation services, BVU members experiencing problems in the workplace will have a legal right to union representation. Importantly, we will also support and represent you in your dealings with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) as a statutory regulator, in disciplinary and fitness to practice matters.

Improve your working terms and conditions:

We will strive to improve the working terms & conditions for vets, nurses and all others working in the veterinary profession. We will investigate, flag-up, and campaign to address any issues affecting the working lives of the members. We will aim at developing health and safety structure and policies relevant to veterinary practice. We will aim to organise programmes to enhance the well-being of members, by facilitating wider interaction amongst the membership.

Safeguard your professional privilege and interests:

We will investigate, flag-up and campaign to address any issues affecting the delivery of your professional responsibilities. We will work alongside veterinary professionals and veterinary professional bodies to create a better working environment for all our members, to enable the best delivery of service to patients and clients. We shall aim to respond to significant consultations sought by the government, RCVS, or other relevant bodies to safeguard your interests.

Support your further education:

In order to help members enhance professional knowledge, we will aim to offer non-profit Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPD) programmes, as well as educational programmes valuable to both employees and employers, on subjects such as health, safety and environment, equality and diversity. Members will also have access to other union courses, further and higher education, training needs analysis, technical training, JIB further education fund.

Medical Malpractice Cover (CMM): (Formerly Professional Liability Insurance - PLI)

Cover that helps protect you professionally if a claim is brought against you, by a client, due to an [alleged] error they may have encountered whilst you were carrying out your professional duties.

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Organisational Support you can rely on:

Unite’s Health Sector, the home of BVU in Unite, has a well established structure to support the members, through the National Organising Professional Committee (NOPC), lead and professional officers, research officers, a network of well-trained representatives (to include vets & nurses), and industrial regional officers, to help with workplace issues. Unite’s regional facilities across the UK are accessible to members of BVU in Unite. Besides BVU’s existing website forum, members can access those provided by Unite, to raise and deal with issues collectively.

Furthermore, we are in a position to influence politicians on policy matters, since we have the opportunity to brief the parliamentary group of MPs who are Unite members.

Publications, Conference & Websites:

Publications on subjects pertinent to the veterinary profession, for example health and safety, data protection etc, will be made available. We aim to produce a periodical for members, and to organise an annual conference. Besides the BVU‘s existing website, members have access to a designated area for BVU on the Unite website, with links to other veterinary websites.

Additional benefits for BVU in Unite members

These include a range of free or low-cost deals.

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Legal Services:

After a brief qualifying period, members have access to a range of valuable legal advice and services including:

  • Personal injury claims
  • 24-hour legal helpline – free initial advice on any non-work related legal matter, eg family law, consumer law, property, land law, wills and trusts, plus a host of other issues.
  • Free will service

Free benefits available to Unite members:

Union Energy – to help members find the most competitive gas and electricity prices
Unite shopping discounts from retailers and providers
Financial advice:

  • Debt advisory service
  • Financial review by an independent financial adviser, including guidance on Tax planning, including inheritance tax
  • Protecting your family
  • Retirement planning
  • Savings and investments
  • Mortgage services, including remortgage
  • Great deals on Insurance:
    - home & contents
    - travel
    - motor

Unite members can get ‘Love2shop’ vouchers by introducing new members.

Unite4Jobs is our online jobs portal to help members find work, all over the UK and in Ireland.

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