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“You’d have to have been hiding under a rock not to have noticed the debate … about a veterinary union…” said Nicky Paull, then President of British Veterinary Association (BVA), in the August 2009 issue of Veterinary Practice.

The idea of a union for UK veterinary professionals was put forth in June 2008, which lead to an unprecedented debate in veterinary print and online media over a period of over three years.
A campaign group under the name Vets4BVU was set up later in 2008 and held its first meeting in December at Birmingham with 20 veterinary surgeons participating. The Vets4BVU Steering Group was created to lead the work of the campaign group. At a subsequent meeting at St Helens a decision was made to incorporate veterinary nurses into the campaign.

Over the next three years, thousands of emails were exchanged between the members of the Steering Group and vets and nurses across the country. Scores of letters and articles were written in veterinary press.

The campaign culminated in the launching of the British Veterinary Union under the auspices of Unite the Union in July 2011.

Links to a collection of letters and articles related to the campaign for the BVU published in veterinary print media will be provided below soon, which include the three principal articles published – with bold titles - in the list.

[awaiting articles]...

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