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Helpful Information

If you are a member of BVU and need advice or help, please contact your local Unite regional office.
The details can be found on www.unitetheunion.org and should you experience any difficulty then please contact:

Mrs Jane Beach
Professional Officer BVU / Regulation (Health Sector)
Unite the Union
9-17 Victoria Street
West Bromwich
B70 8HX

Tel: 0121 647 4834 | Mobile: 07919324716
Email: jane.beach@unitetheunion.org

You may also contact:
Dr Shams Mir

Chairman Organising Professional Committee
Email: bvu@hotmail.co.uk

Veterinary Benevolent Fund (VBF)

The VBF has no political affiliation and offers completely confidential support to all members of the veterinary profession.

How does VBF help?

Vetlife: VBF hosts a website at www.vetlife.org.uk which provides information on the support available from a variety of sources to all members of the veterinary profession. This is also a source of growing information on the wellbeing of veterinary professionals.

Vet Helpline: Vet Helpline provides a 24-hour rapid response answer phone service for empathetic discussion of problems with someone who has experience of the veterinary profession.
Contact telephone number 07659 811118.

VSHSP: The Veterinary Surgeons’ Health Support Programme gives completely confidential professional treatment and advice on alcohol, drugs, eating disorders and other addictive and mental health issues. Can be contacted on 07946 634220 or VSHSP@vetlife.org.uk

VBF: The Veterinary Benevolent Fund provides immediate help for veterinary surgeons or their dependents in financial difficulty. Can be contacted on 020 7908 6385 or info@vetlife.org.uk

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