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The BVU is based within the Health Sector of Unite.

The BVU has got National Branch status, which implies that all members regardless of the region they are based in, are allocated to the BVU rather than the regions.

Organisationally, the BVU has 3 interacting administrative sections: (1) Unite Officers (2) National Branch Officers (3) Organising Professional Committee (OPC).

Here are the names of the people

Unite Officers

Derek Jones
Industrial Officer/Regional Officer/Officer-in-Charge for BVU

Gavin Fergie
Lead Professional Officer

National Branch Officers

Dr Shams Mir MRCVS - Chair
Dr Lydia Chambers MRCVS - Secretary
Dr Caroline Chambers
MRCVS - Treasurer
Dr Andrew (Bill) Manton MRCVS - Equalities Officer

Organising Professional Committee (OPC)

Mr Andy Bell RVN - Member
Dr Caroline Chambers MRCVS - Member
Dr Lydia Chambers
MRCVS - Member
Dr Ian Fleming
MRCVS - Member
Miss Melody Flinn RVN - Member
Dr Suzanna Hudson-Cook
MRCVS - Member
Dr Kinga Kuc
MCRVS - Member
Dr Andrew (Bill) Manton
MRCVS - Member
Dr Shams Mir MRCVS - Chair

Members of BVU are encouraged to play an active role in the organisation.
If you wish to get involved and help, publicly or behind the scenes, please get in touch with Derek or Shams.

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