What we do





What We Do

The British Veterinary Union in Unite (BVU) represents Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses and other staff working within the UK veterinary profession, and also Veterinary Students, Veterinary Nurse Students studying in the UK.

The BVU’s exclusive objective is to look after the individual and collective interests of member Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses as professionals and personnel, and to support the other staff and students.

On an individual level, the members are supported and represented for any workplace related issues, and also for disciplinary complaints at the RCVS in case of Veterinary Surgeons and Registered Veterinary Nurses.

On a collective level, the BVU highlights and addresses the issues faced by the veterinary professionals, students and the other staff; and stands up to safeguard the collective interests of its members at every possible opportunity.

Since coming into existence in 2011, the BVU has continued to boldly stand up for and vigorously defend the interests of its members, which is reflected in our responses to various consultations related to regulation of veterinary professionals.

These efforts of the BVU benefit not only its members but also the wider veterinary profession.
All veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, veterinary students, veterinary nurse students and other staff working in the UK are welcome to join.

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