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Why choose to become part of the BVU?

Here are 7 good reasons!

Our exclusive objective is to look after the professional working lives, interests, and the future of veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and others working within the veterinary profession.

We champion fairness – BVU flags up relevant issues, and uses its influence to challenge injustice at veterinary workplaces.

BVU is run by ordinary vets, veterinary nurses, and others, just like you, working at the grass roots level of the profession, so we understand the real issues facing the profession.

Every member can be actively involved in developing and implementing policies.

We stay in touch with our members, and we’ll always take members’ views into consideration when making decisions.

BVU is independent, and has the ability to challenge wrong-doing at any level of the profession.

We truly stand up with our members when they need it.

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