BVU Structure

The BVU is made up of BVU Members, who feed into and elect a Branch Committee and a Branch Executive.Our Branch Executive is made up of a Branch Chair, Branch Vice Chair, Branch Secretary, Branch Treasurer and Branch Equalities Officer.Often the roles of secretary and treasurer are held by one officer.The next elections for the Branch Executive will be held in Spring 2025Our Branch Committee (formerly known as the OPC: Organising Professional Committee) currently has the following positions:
  • Organising Reps These reps work on national issues and campaigns for the BVU to organise around
  • Workplace/Companion Reps These reps work to support members within their own or other workplaces with individual or workplace problems
  • Student Reps These reps can be veterinary students or student veterinary nurses, and help with national issues relating to the student bodies, and individual problems students are facing
  • Social Media Manager This person manages the social media of the BVU
  • Website Manager This person manages the BVU website
  • RCVS Rep This person liaises between RCVS Council and the BVU
  • Health & Safety Officer This person supports members with H&S issues, and works on national H&S campaigns  – this position is currently vacant! Apply here!
  • Equalities Reps These reps work on national campaigns and member issues around issues for women, disabled members, LGBT+ members, and BAEM members.
We may look to expand our Branch Committee at any time in the future – either by having more reps in the roles listed above, or by creating new roles as demand for particular services increases.
Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with the BVU! The first is to join us. A union depends on the strength of its’ membership – the more you get involved, the stronger we are!