Union Benefits and Services

Provide you with support and representation:

We will provide you with guidance, support and representation, to address any employment-related problems including but not limited to: contracts, pay, working hours, annual or maternity leave, redundancy, work-related stress, illness and bullying.

Unlike members of other non-union organisations with arbitration and mediation services, BVU members experiencing problems in the workplace will have a legal right to union representation.

Importantly, we will also support and represent you in your dealings with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) as a statutory regulator, in disciplinary and fitness to practice matters.

Improve your working terms and conditions:

We will strive to improve the working terms & conditions for all workers in the veterinary sector. We will investigate, flag-up, and campaign to address any issues affecting the working lives of our members.

Safeguard your professional interests:

We will investigate, flag-up and campaign to address any issues affecting the delivery of your professional responsibilities. We will work alongside veterinary professionals and veterinary professional bodies to create a better working environment for all our members, to enable the best delivery of service to patients and clients. We endeavour to respond to significant consultations sought by the government, the RCVS, and other relevant bodies that are likely to affect our members.

Medical Malpractice Cover (CMM): (Formerly Professional Liability Insurance – PLI)

Cover that helps protect you professionally if a claim is brought against you, by a client, due to an [alleged] error they may have encountered whilst you were carrying out your professional duties.

See Unite’s full list of member offers and benefits.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with the BVU! The first is to join us. A union depends on the strength of its’ membership – the more you get involved, the stronger we are!