As you will be aware, the RCVS Council and VN Council elections are now open for voting!
Every year, the BVU contacts those standing for election and endorses those candidates we feel best reflect the values of the BVU, and whose proposed actions we support the most.
This year, the BVU is proud to endorse ALICE MCLEISH and DAVID BARRETT for RCVS Council, and SARAH BATT-WILLIAMS for the VN Council.
We hope that as our members and supporters, you will consider voting for these candidates.
For BVU members, we will email the responses our endorsed candidates have given so you can read how their aims for the RCVS can help workplace conditions and veterinary workers in more detail.


Addendum 25.04.23
Of our endorsed candidates, Alice McLeish was successfully elected. Both David Barrett and Sarah Batt-Williams narrowly missed out on being elected.
The other elected RCVS candidates are Linda Belton and Tim Hutchinson.
The elected VN candidates are Matthew Rendle and Simon Williams