The British Veterinary Union in Unite (BVU) are shocked and disappointed with the redundancy process currently underway at IVC Evidensia, who are targetting vital non-clinical staff in its veterinary practices, including veterinary care assistants and receptionists.
IVC Evidensia has failed to publicly disclose the number of redundancy proposals, while our information indicates hundreds of workers have either been made redundant or are facing redundancy in the near future.

The veterinary sector is already critically understaffed from the ongoing retention crisis gripping all roles in the industry. Many vets and veterinary nurses are left with little choice but to work significant unpaid overtime every week, solely to provide the care their patients require. These hard working professionals rely on excellent support staff to undertake all those non-clinical tasks needed to run a clinic, so that their time can be focused on providing clinical care to the patients.

IVC are basing the current round of redundancies on a dangerous and outdated ratio of 1 vet to 1.2 support staff. Without the proper support staff assistance, UK pets will be at increased risk when they are unwell. We ask how IVC expect a veterinary nurse to answer the phones and organise appontments while monitoring a general anaesthetic, taking a radiograph, or handling a distressed animal, with no increased risk to those patients?

The BVU is a national professional branch of Unite the Union, supporting all workers in the veterinary sector. We do not currently have a recognition agreement with IVC Evidensia, though we will continue to support our members who are at risk of redundancy.

You can read Unite’s official statement detailing more of the redundancy process currently underway at IVC here

If you are affected by the redundancies at IVC or are worried about it potentially affecting you in the future and are already a member, please visit our Get Support page. If you are not already a member then Join Us.