We have recently viewed the results of a BBC survey on the Gender Pay Gap towards men. It highlights something we have known & have been working to tackle for a long time. Whilst this issue sadly affects all industries, the Veterinary industry’s gender pay gap to this day is still shocking.

Below is an infographic originally posted in the BBC article that names & shames the top 10 companies with the highest gender pay gap. Whilst we are saddened to see that 4 companies listed are veterinary corporates, we are not surprised by this revelation. Read here to view our response in full.

We have previously responded to this in the last survey done by the SPVS in May 2022. You can read our previous reponse here

An inforgraphic depicting the top 10 employers with the highest pay gap towards men in 2022/2023

If you are concerned about these findings, or would like support if you feel you have been affected by this, please contact us

If you would like to discuss the Veterinary industry’s Gender Pay Gap further, you can join our facebook group.